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2.0 Tools

Audacity (To down load software go to See Podcasting below for more information on how to use it.)

Blogging ( easy to use platform for student and teacher blogs. Teacher can set who can read and comment.

Delicious and Diigo and Online bookmarking sites. Great way to save and organize four favorites.

Flickr ( - Flikr has millions of photos. Use the second link that will take you photos that can be used by students as long as they site the source. This site may be blocked in your district. If it is try Pics4learning that comes later in this list.

Glogster ( Create online interactive posters that can contain images, web links, movies and more.

Google Docs ( Online word processor, spreadsheet, and presentation tools. You can also create online forms for gathering information or for quizes.

Google Maps:
Useful for teaching geography. Can me used in any project that uses locations. See for other ideas.

Google Custom Search ( Create grade level appropriate class search engine for your students. A very simple collaborative writing site. Groups can take notes. Note: If ietherpad is not working, you can find a list of similar sites at

Information Literacy ( my resources on info lit. More examples, quizes and materials can be found on our site at

Jing ( Screen recording and screen capture program. Free software from TechSmith.

Kiva ( Micro lending site. Students can make small ($25) loans to the working poor around the world. Photopeach can be used to create "Book Trailers." presentations, and non-graded visual quizes. It is extremely easy to use. You can embed the final product on a wiki, blog or webpage.

Pics4Learning ( Picture resources for students. It is "student safe." All the pictures are examined by a person before they are posted on the site. The photos are not large so they are great for inserting into digital projects.

There are numerous ways to record podcasts. One of my favorites is to use Audacity. Links for Audacity along with help sheets and more resources can be found at

Prezi ( Presentation software.

Scribd ( Posting PowerPoint and Word Documents. Makes smaller size file and can viewed even if they don't have the software program.

Quizlet ( Allows teachers or students to create electronic flash cards. Good for learning facts. You can turn the flash cards into a matching game.

Tikatok ( A site where students can make, publish and sell books. Note: You don't have to buy the book. Parents can buy them or the school can if they wish to have a copy.

Tutorials for Math and Science (

Vocaroo Vocaroo is a simple voice recorder. You can't edit the recoding on line. You can email the file to yourself or get the embed code and put it on a wiki or web site.

Voki ( A fun way to share 90 second audio clips. See may wiki page on voki's for some samples.

Wiki ( I use wikispaces. Educators should use the link to get an educational account. It makes adding users much easier.

Wolframalpha ( ) Will answer math problems and search for unique information. Both a search engine and a tool.