Talent 21: What is the fuss about technology?

Workshop Description:

What is all this fuss about "Technology"? The focus of this workshop will be on what is behind its use and to review how you can begin to create the culture shift in your classroom..
  • What is going on out there in other schools? The Digital Farm in practice
  • Who is doing the work in your classroom? YOU or the student? - Tools you can use immediately to transfer the work
  • Student Motivators - Giving choice in presentations, creating purpose in assignments and remembering one's audience
  • Smartboard resources and tools
  • Information literacy - finding things you can use quickly and how to tell if they are valid and reliable

Workshop Dates: 5/24 & 5/25


  • Other schools
  • What is TALENT 21?

Basic File Management
  • Organization of folders
  • Importance of naming
  • Z Drive vs. Dropbox

The Digital Farm

Teaching Tools/Resources