Project Based Learning


Allows students to see value in learning rather than being told the answers - Self-Directed Learning

Essential questions:

1) The value of Buy-in
2) How is the experience authentic: value in real world
3) Infusing an Element of Challenge

These play into what research tells us engages students:
March of the Monarchs
Gender project Overview

1) Purpose in assignment
2) Audience
3) Choice


1. Begin with the end in mind - Gender Project (Middle school)
2. Craft the driving question - New Technologies Link Ancient Cultures (Middle School)
3. Plan the assessment - Monarch Butterfly Overview (Elementary School)
4. Map the project - It's All Happening at the Zoo School (High School)
5. Manage the Process - Classrooms without Boundaries (High School)

PBL Resources

Project Based Learning Video Library - See the Evolution of a Project, View some examples and key concepts
*Most of these links are from the Online Resources Site for Problem Based Learning at:

The Buck Institute for Education

Project Based Learning in the World Classroom Blog

Jo Ann Murphy-Genter's iPad Resources for Special Education

Jo Ann Muphy-Genter's Project Based Learning Resources

Does it work? Listen to the kids...

Planning Checklist:
Project Plan:

Technology Toolbox Resources



  • iWork Suite: Pages, Keynote, Numbers
  • Zapd
  • Camera
  • iMovie
  • GarageBand
  • Storykit
  • StoryRobe
  • Toontastic
  • Sock Puppets
  • Voice Memos
  • Puppet Pals
  • Evernote
  • Comic Strip Designer
  • Dropbox
  • Sonic Pics lite
  • Audio Memos
  • Verbally
  • Dragon Dictate
  • Dragon Search
  • Quick voice recorder
  • ibrainstorm
  • Air Sketch
  • Finger Sketch
  • Jots
  • Scan


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