Podcasting is all about Global Audience

Digital Farm Career: Curriculum Review and Publication


  • Pilot programs at Duke and University of Washington
    • Greater student engagement
    • Students less likely to drop podcasted courses
    • Increased class enthusiasm
    • Stronger student evaluations
  • Bob Sprankle's class

So...WHAT IS IT and WHAT does it mean to Podcast?

Poducate Me - Read all about it! - Fantastic pdf guide - http://www.poducateme.com/guide/

Audio or Video (Vodcasts) episodes - TiVo for Radio so you listen when you want
RSS - Really Simple Syndication Feeds
Magazine subscription - You subscribe and it's delivered to your mailbox once published

Where do I find them?

Podcast Alley - Spanish Podcast
Novemberlearning's Podcast series
Look for the Podcast symbol on blogs, wikis, etc

You need a Podcast Receiver Application (Podcatcher) - iTunes used by 96% of users

Lots of easy ways to do:

1. Vocaroo - The EASIEST WAY!

2. Audioboo - Record and publish podcasts from your iPhone or Android OR from the site. The recordings are embeddable into your websites and are able to be used easily with Social Networking tools!

Check out video!

3. Myna (Aviary) - This is a Web based podcasting tool. In looks and functionality, it is very similar to Garageband for you Mac lovers! Like other podcasting editors, external files can be imported into Myna for editing. A large bonus for this tool is that your recordings are immediately available for publication and embedding. Additionally, a variety of musical loops are available for integration into your podcasts.

Practice a few!

4. Audacity - Works with both Mac and PC platforms. You can import external audio files into this for editing.

5. iPadio - Use your cell phone to podcast to the internet live

Four easy steps:
  1. Call in
  2. Enter your pin
  3. Start talking!
  4. When finished press the # (hash) key on your phone

Congratulations! You've know created a PHLOG...sign in to listen or check your email for the link.

6. Phonecasting - Another Phone tool

7. Podomatic - Make your own or find one to subscribe to

8. The Education Podcast Network - The Education Podcast Network is an effort to bring together into one place, the wide range of podcast programming that may be helpful to teachers looking for content to teach with and about, and to explore issues of teaching and learning in the 21st century

´╗┐Check out all the podcasts per curriculum area!