Resources for Librarians

The progression of the librarian and the research student

SHOWCASING! What's going on out there?

Mapping from Paper to Digital

Best Practice 1 - Amazing on-line text book created by two high school teachers and their kids
Best Practice 2 - Sahara Caravan Project - 7th Grader Geography Project

Moving Outside the Classroom

Best Practice 3 - Video Chat with an author
Best Practice 4 - Building Legacy

Learning from others - Twitter, your PLN and all those really cool people out there!

Social Bookmarking - Diigo and Delicious

  • Diigo Toolbar
  • Tags you chose are CRITICAL

Critical Thinking and Information Literacy

I LOVE Gleanwhois! It puts all those critical thinking resources together in one place!

Search Terms to add:

School or Schools
"Online Resources"
"Technology Resources"

You can find great things like this School created Wiki for Texas with great resources for anyone by searching site:k12.*.us

Google Docs

  • Custom Search Engine
    • Librarians should lead in setting one up for upper and lower Elementary.
  • Forms

    • Could have the students do book reviews online via google forms. Move the good ones to a wiki or your teacher page!
  • Docs
    • Editing and sharing documents

Great Resources for YOU!


Some Great Teacher 2.0 Resources

  • Skype a Teacher - Check out this great list of other teachers who will Skype with you - Check out the Directory and then the comments at the bottom. Think school to school debate!
  • Skype an Author - Reach out to book authors
  • Kathy Schrock's Guide for Rubrics
  • RCampus_ - Create rubrics and search through hundreds already made. Easy to post to your website too.
  • Recipes4Success_ - Create your own Rubrics and then edit with standard suggestions
  • Quizlet_ - Terrific for making quizzes and practicing vocabulary
  • Study Stack_ - Another Vocabulary tool
  • Polleverywhere_ - Terrific for gathering questions on an assignment or engaging students in a thoughtful discussion
  • ietherpad_ - Interactive, synchronous tool for collaboration
  • Wallwisher_ - Like an online bulletin board for ideas
  • KidBlog_ - You can set it so kids' comments are immediately up without your moderating their comments first. Just make it private.
  • GoogleMaps Directory - Place to see all of the gadgets/widgets you can use in Google Maps
  • Google Lit Trips

Podcasting and Audio


Pics you can use in projects

Pics 4 Learning
Flickr pics under a creative commons license

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