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What are the little ones doing these days?

Teachers doing some amazing things:

Mrs. Devlin's Blog - Grade 1
Maria Knee's KinderKids Blog - Kindergarten
Kathy Cassidy's Blog - Grade 1

What is the most important 21st Century Skill?

Take Poll
General David Petraeus

Do not lose site of the underlying skill set students need to foster, compete, and thrive in this society.

Technology Toolbox
Wait, you want me to do WHAT??!!

It is NOT your job to learn each and every tool! What is?
Facilitating: Problem Solvers, creative thinkers, empathetic, self-directed learners
Problems with that: Status quo, doing what we know, sustainability

It is okay if you fail...let the kids see. It's at the heart of building self-esteem. Be a role model for this life-long skill.

Goal Setting

What is the unit, lesson, skill you want to teach? Don't start with the tool, start with your curriculum!
  • Example - don't start with Excel unless you need to TEACH Excel
  • Student Motivators
    • Giving choice in presentations
    • Creating purpose in assignments
    • Remembering one's audience
    • Example - Peyton's request

  • Who is doing the work in your classroom? YOU or the student?
    • Tools you can use immediately to transfer the work
    • The Digital Learning Farm

The Digital Farm


Information Literacy

  • Finding things you can use quickly
  • How to tell if they are valid and reliable

Symbols/codes examples:

" " = Phrase
- = Eliminates
Site:edu = searches only university sites
Site:uk = searches only uk (Great Britain) sites
Root Database = site for finding country codes

Google - Timeline, Reading level, Type of file

November Learning Resources
NL Videos

The Tree Octopus
Dog Island

Search Engines for Little Ones


Other Search Engines

Wolfram Alpha
Differentiate Search
Google Custom Search Engine

You need to remember the Grammar of the web and how it works to search on various search engines.
Google.com - Use the Advanced Search feature until you learn the nuances. MAKE sure you teach the kids too!
Typically people only look at first 5 websites that come up in a search.

Search Terms to add:

Interactive - Eco Kids
School or Schools
"Online Resources"
"Technology Resources"
State or grade specific - You can find great things:

Publishers' Resources:

McDougal Littel
McGraw Hill
Holt, Reinhart, & Winston
Houghton Mifflin EduPlace

Working with Others' Work

Creative Commons Defined
Search Creative Commons
Flickr Rules

Vanessa's Levin's Great Resources

Digital Storytelling


Kern Kelley's Site
(I use Kern's workshop site with the understanding that everything linked on it has been compiled or created by him.)

Voice Thread
Photostory - for PC
iMovie08 or iPhoto for MAC

Older Kids
Glogster EDU
Xtranormal for educators

THERE are many others and they change all the time. Do not ask children to "make a Glogster". Allow them the choice in selecting their tool for presentation even if it's a poster board. Your rubric is their guide.

Pics/Videos you can use in projects

Pics 4 Learning
Flickr pics under a creative commons license
BBC Motion Gallery
Phillip Martin's great clip art


RCampus - Create rubrics and search through hundreds already made. Easy to post to your website too.
Recipes4Success - Create your own Rubrics and then edit with standard suggestions

~Create these as a whole class with your kids

Using Video

Teacher Tube
iTunesU - Through the store

*Start to find one or two you like and then follow the creator

Showcase your kids!

Get ideas from others...don't limit yourself to your country!

Building Your PLN (Personal Learning Network)

Twitter Hash Tag List
Del.ic.ious Tagged PreK
Diigo Tagged PreK
Scribd - example

Making Connections


Silvia Tolisano - Get Globally Connected
Finding others & ideas - Start Clicking!

The Power of iTunes in the Primary Classroom

Vanessa Levin's Page
iTunes - Create your own libraries of podcasts, stories read aloud, etc.

Resources for Obtaining Free Materials

Donors Choose
Digital Wish

Online Safety

My wiki page
School Tube's Great Links

AT&T Game

Other Web 2.0 Tools

Quizlet - Terrific for making quizzes and practicing vocabulary
Study Stack - Another Vocabulary tool
Spelling City - You can create an account, set up your spelling units, and then have the kids take quizzes and play games

~Any of the above three could be created by a student for extra credit or you could just have it be a job for every unit

Google Docs - Most powerful tools I've found in the last year!

Polleverywhere - Terrific for gathering questions on an assignment or engaging students in a thoughtful discussion
Wallwisher - Like an online bulletin board for ideas
KidBlog - You can set it so kids' comments are immediately up without your moderating their comments first. Just make it private.

LibraryThing - Search this teacher's catalog and start your own!

Skype a Teacher - Check out this great list of other teachers who will Skype with you - Check out the Directory and then the comments at the bottom. Think school to school debate!
Skype an Author - Reach out to book authors

Read Write Think - Terrific templates to use with kids and a great place to find lessons
Intel Thinking Tools
TES - Largest group of teacher resources in the world

You don't need a Smartboard to use the tools...just get Notebook downloaded.

Park Shore Pre-School

Fabulous PreK-2 Websites

Illuminations interactive
Family Learning.org
PreK Central
Mouse Skill Resources
Fisher Price PreK Sites
StoryPlace PreK Library
IXL - You have 20 or so problems a day for free
City of Tempe, Arizona's Sites
Sheppard Software's Free activities
CBeebies - BBC - PreK
BBC for Schools - all ages
Brainpop Jr. Free
Dance Mat Typing - if you MUST
Enchanted Learning Picture Dictionary
Internet 4 Classrooms
National Library of Virtual Manipulatives

Fabulous PreK-2 Apps

Pirates of Snow Island
Zoo Train

Importance of Science and Math - No language barrier. It's important EVERYWHERE!