Aligning Technology to the Standards (New Jersey)

This workshop is designed to show how technologies can be aligned to support standards and how we can move beyond them.

What are the standards today?
Core curriculum standards

Technology Toolbox
Wait, you want me to do WHAT??!!

It is NOT your job! What is?

Problem Solvers, creative thinkers, empathetic, self-directed learners. Technology can help you do that.

Problems with that: Status quo, doing what we know, sustainability

Get off the escalator one way or the other

It's OKAY to fail...let kids see. It's at the heart of building self-esteem.

Don't forget your goal!
What is the unit, lesson, skill you want to teach? Don't start with the tool, start with your curriculum!

Remember Student Motivators and life skills:

      1. Giving choice
      2. Having purpose
      3. Remembering one's audience

Keys: Student-centered, Facilitating not controlling, collaboration

Do not lose site of the underlying skill set students need to foster, compete, and thrive in this society.

Take my Poll

General David Petraeus

So, how CAN we get to everything in our curriculum, meet the standards, AND install these life long lessons we know are so important?

1. How could a poll such as this be helpful to building inquisitive learners in the classroom?
2. Who is doing the work in YOUR classroom?

The Digital Farm

TOTAL SHIFT from what we know, parents, know, kids know:

So, let's go back to those standards!

Informational Literacy
File Management
Verbal expression
Written expression
Artistic expression
Mathmatics and problem solving

NJ World Class Standards

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